The Unwelcomed

A VR Escape the Room Game Like No Other! 7 Full Puzzle Rooms!

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You've spent the day lounging about your apartment, contemplating what else to watch on TV. As you gaze around the room, you remember that there was an official looking letter that came in the mail - perhaps you should open it and see what it is...

The Unwelcomed is an escape the room (EtR) type game created for VR and was inspired by such classics as Crimson Room. The Unwelcomed starts by inviting you to come to your late uncle's mansion to claim it as your own. Once you arrive, however, it's going to be hard to leave...

Trailers and other Videos:

The Unwelcomed Release Trailer YouTube

Room Preview - Kitchen YouTube

Room Preview - Office YouTube

Room Preview - Library YouTube

Room Preview - Childs Room YouTube

Room Preview - Trophy Room YouTube

Room Preview - Dining Room YouTube


Created With:

Unity 5 Blender

Created for:

HTC Vive Oculus Rift

About us

The Unwelcomed Studios was founded in July 2016 and consists of two software developers, one audio engineer, and one creation manager. Although we are a small group, we are all passionate gamers and are committed to bringing quality games to the game community. We all have experienced VR, have seen the possibilities, and hope to show the community what we can do.